Wordsearch: A Word Game

for Palm Computing Organizers

Download Wordsearch

Wordsearch is a game for Palm Computing organizers.

Wordsearch is a computerized version of the popular pencil-and-paper game of finding words hidden in a grid of letters. Words can run up, down, left, right or diagonally. You can select the options you want for each game: the category of the words on the board, the number of words on the board, the size of the board, the difficulty of the puzzle, and so on. Wordsearch will then create a new puzzle for you to solve. Every puzzle is different.

When you finish a game, Wordsearch will tell you how long it took you to solve the puzzle. You can get hints while playing if you wish. You can play competition games against other people, and see who can solve the same puzzle quickest.

Wordsearch comes with a word list of over 2000 words in 20 categories, and you can download more word lists from this web site.

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