Register Wordsearch

When you register Wordsearch, you will receive via e-mail the registered version of the Wordsearch program, as well as the latest version of the word list, containing over 2000 words. You will also be able to download new word lists from this Web site.

By registering Wordsearch, you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement. Before registering Wordsearch, please read it and make sure you agree to the terms of the agreement.

Register online

To register Wordsearch now, using your credit card, click the button:

The registration fee is US $4.00. We will send your new registered copy of Wordsearch to you via e-mail within 24 hours after we receive your order.

Register by mail

To register Wordsearch by mail, send a check or money order for US $4.00 with your name and e-mail address to:

Greenwood Software
PO Box 2402
El Granada, CA 94018

Don't forget to include your e-mail address, or we won't be able to send your registered copy of Wordsearch to you! You will receive your new registered copy of Wordsearch via e-mail as soon we receive and process your registration application. This can take a few days, depending on how long it takes the post office to deliver your application to us.

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