Downloading less

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You can download a copy of less here. First you must choose whether you want source or binaries. It is simpler to get binaries, but binaries are available for only a few systems (see below). If you download source, you must then build the binaries. To do this, you must have a C compiler.

You must also choose which version of less you want. Generally, you should choose the version marked as RECOMMENDED.


If you have a Unix, Linux or another Unix-like system, you should download the source and build it on your system. Less uses autoconf to make the build process relatively painless. Building less will work on most Linux and Unix-like systems. Less will also build from source on many non-Unix systems, including most versions of Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, OS-9 and z/OS.

Each source release is packaged in both a gzip'd tar archive and in a zip archive. You may download either type of archive, whichever is more convenient for you.


Less binaries are no longer distributed on this site, since I do not have the resources to generate and test binaries on a variety of systems. However binaries for certain systems are available from other sites below.

I have not tested or verified the contents of these binary packages, so use them at your own risk.

Windows binaries are available at:
Solaris binaries are available at:
If you maintain a site that hosts less binaries and wish your site to be listed here, send an email to