Bugs in less-291

This is a list of the known bugs in less-290 and less-291. Bugs marked with a * are fixed in less-321.

Using the -s flag can put "~" lines before the beginning of the file.
"less *" where there are a lot of directories will give you a long string of "xxx is a directory" messages from which you can't quit.
Using the -s flag on a file with trailing blank lines, type the "G" command. The prompt may say "99%" instead of "100%".
#109 *
A "read error" from the input should not force exit.
#110 *
A "cannot reopen" error after running a shell command should not force exit.
#128 *
Command "F" doesn't show highlights.
#129 *
Command "F" doesn't repaint if the window size changes.
Command "F" doesn't work if the file shrinks in size.
#136 *
On Linux, running with TERM set to an invalid terminal name causes a segmentation fault.
#137 *
If you search in the "squished" mode (first screen of a short file), any highlights are displayed improperly.
On Solaris, searching for "a[1,2]" matches "a4".
If less is running over telnet and the telnet session terminates, less hangs & spins.
#143 *
If you run a ! command, then immediately hit "v", the editor is invoked starting at end-of-file.
On a Solaris cmdtool, slow pipes get stalled and never show any data.
#157 *
"less >file" sometimes appends extra characters to the end of the output file.
#161 *
The -d flag doesn't work.
#166 *
The configure script fails on some versions of the AIX shell.

Feature enhancement requests

This is a list of enhancement requests.

Allow -o to work on non-pipe input (ordinary files).
#106 *
Allow less to build with CMD_HISTORY undefined.
Horizontal scrolling.
#120 *
Add a command to search with regular-expressions turned off.
#131 *
Add a command to highlight pattern matches without moving to the first match.
#132 *
Add a command to move forward a full screen even if we hit end-of-file.
Allow spaces in filenames.
#134 *
Allow line editing buffer (at bottom of screen) to be longer than the screen width.
#140 *
Add a way to run in SECURE mode without recompiling.